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Update: Bouchie Lake Lawnchair Travel flight to Scotland postponed

The presentation was cancelled due to COVID-19 and the need to reduce social contact
Heloise Dixon-Warren in Scotland. (Photo submitted)

Update Monday, March 16:

This Bouchie Lake Lawnchair Travel flight has been postponed to a future date.

“Given the situation of the COVID-19 virus and the need to reduce ‘social contact’ so as to reduce the likelihood of spread and putting others at risk, we feel it best to postpone,” Heloise Dixon-Warren said in an email.

Original story:

Have you ever wanted to visit Scotland?

Let Heloise Dixon-Warren and Ted MacDiarmid Traer take you there next week, as they lead the next flight in the Bouchie Lake Lawnchair Travel series.

On Monday, March 16, join the Lawnchair Travel crew of “Bouchair Air” and travel by lawnchair to “Old” Scotland and “New Scotland” (Nova Scotia). For this fight, the pilots are Ted Traer and Heloise Dixon-Warren, who spent three to four weeks in Scotland in August and September 2019, followed by a week on Cape Breton Island on Canada’s east coast.

They say both of these trips were unlike previous ones taken to the U.K. and eastern Canada.

While in Scotland, Traer and Dixon-Warren visited family but also spent time exploring the northern parts of Scotland, including historic Orkney.

“The trip was full of ‘happen-stances,’ whereby things positive things occurred over and over that were convenient coincidences,” they said in an email.

They attended the Royal Edinburgh Tattoo, presented at the Cashel Forest on Loch Lomond about Birch Syrup Production; the Braemar Gathering with Her Majesty the Queen; spent some time on Loch Tay, the Traditional Territory of the MacDiarmid Clan; visited the Culloden Battlefield and travelled to Orkney — the home of the Churchill Barriers, Stone Circles, Scapa Flow and Skara Brae. From there, they travelled down the west coast of Scotland through “MacKay Country” and learned a lot about the Highland Clearances.

“The connections between Scotland and Canada are strong, dating back to the Hudson Bay Company and throughout the 1800s, when so many Scots immigrated to what became Canada following the Clearances,” write Traer and Dixon-Warren.

Ten days or so after travelling home, Dixon-Warren and Traer packed up again and spent one week in “New Scotland” in Acadian Cheticamp for a work trip. While on Cape Breton Island, they toured the Cape Breton Highlands, hung out in a Croft House, attended a Ceilidh at the Gaelic College and toured the Dumont Whiskey Distillery.

Dixon-Warren and Traer will be sharing stories and photos from these incredible trips Monday, March 16 at 7 p.m. at the Bouchie Lake Hall. Gates for this flight open at 6:30 p.m., and passengers are encouraged to plan to come early to get through security. Boarding passes are $8 for First Class and $6 for economy, and all fees include in-flight service midway through the flight. There will be some entertainment during this flight as well.

Please bring your own lawnchair for a comfortable takeoff and flight.

The Bouchie Lake Lawnchair Travel series is hosted by the Friends of Bouchie-Milburn Society, with all proceeds from going towards the Fourth Annual Billie Bouchie Day Celebration, set for the May 30 weekend.

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Heloise Dixon-Warren and Ted MacDiarmid Traer will be sharing photos and stories from their recent trip to Scotland Monday, March 16 at 7 p.m. at the Bouchie Lake Hall. (Photo submitted)