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PODCAST: Kevin Falcon returns to the B.C. Legislature

Today in B.C.: Is this the same politician first elected 22 years ago?

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In this edition of ‘Today in BC’, host Peter McCully chats with Kevin Falcon, leader of the BC Liberal Party. Falcon talks about growing up in West Vancouver in a crowded house with five brothers and life as a father of two young daughters, which he says has changed the lens from which he views life.

His political role models included Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and Bill Bennett, and he admired their values and what they stood for.

“One thing he (Reagan) said in one of his speeches that has always stuck with me, was the fact that he said: ‘We do not inherit the values of liberty, freedom and democracy in our bloodstream’. It’s something that each generation has an obligation to fight and defend and you see what’s happening today in Ukraine, and you realize, ‘boy, is that ever true.’”

Falcon says he loves “big policy challenges” including how young people will be able to afford their first home.

“We have to look at all those costs that are imposed by government through the lens of a first-time buyer and say, ‘what can we strip out of there so that young people can have a credible chance to get into their first house?’”

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