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LETTERS on Ben Isitt's council performance

LETTERS on Ben Isitt's council performance

Isitt fires back at last week's B.C. Views column; a Kelowna reader suggests he move to Venezuela if he likes it so much
LETTER: NDP won't tax cement plants

LETTER: NDP won't tax cement plants

Platform targeted vented greenhouse gases from gas drilling, environment critic Spencer Chandra Herbert says

Letter to the editor: Supporting Simpson

As a former federal NDP candidate for Cariboo/PG, Alfred Trudeau experienced first-hand being hamstrung by a political party.

Letter to the editor: An unfettered voice

Keith Sandve shares his experience working for the NDP.

Letter to the editor: Same ole

A letter to the editor discussing Canadian politics.

Letter to the editor: Time for a bypass

A resident writes about his concern with trucks coming through Quesnel.

Letter to the editor: National pride doesn’t need divisive talk

A letter looking at what it is to be a nation and what it means to be Canadian.

Letter to the editor: My vote is Coralee

A letter explaining a Cariboo resident's choice to vote for Coralee Oakes.

Letter to the editor: Observer readers weigh in on election

Several letters from Quesnel residents discussing the provincial election.

Letter to the editor: Bob all the way

A constituent's choice to vote for Independent candidate Bob Simpson.