90 DTBH showing great results for participants

Free info session prior to next sign up set for Feb. 12

  • Feb. 3, 2011 5:00 a.m.
Pat and Cheryl O’Flynn are two other success stories from the recent H3F 90 Days to Better Health program.

Pat and Cheryl O’Flynn are two other success stories from the recent H3F 90 Days to Better Health program.

Free info session prior to next sign up set for Feb. 12

In an age when marketing is the new science behind business, how do we determine what is ‘real’ or founded in truth?

To be safe, we typically look close to home – family, friends, co-workers and people you trust. At H3F Heather Hartridge Health and Fitness, participants in the 90 Days to Better Health Program have come to trust Heather’s Studio as the place to go to regain their health and fitness and maintain it. Quesnel residents have just completed the program and the results are in.

Over 90 Days, average weight loss was 18 pounds and an average of four inches was lost from those waistlines. But it isn’t just about how much people lose. It’s about how much is gained when they take charge of their own health. Setting realistic goals, being accountable, having team support and effective coaching – these are the things that help a healthy lifestyle work and make it last. Results can be dramatic. Here’s one person’s account of her experience with Heather’s 90 Day program. The author wishes to remain anonymous so we’ll think of her as Alana.

“I first heard about the 90 day to Better Health Program from a co-worker and I was interested but not really committed to doing the challenge. Having suffered with Crones disease and ulcerative colitis for the past 12 years I was running out of steam and lacked the ability or motivation to do anything in my spare time except lay on the couch. I was on three medications and was not responding to any. My body was filled with inflammation; I was not sleeping well, had no energy and felt like I was losing control of my life.

My co-worker registered for Heathers program and she inspired me to find out more about it. It sounded like a challenge and kind of fun. I e-mailed Heather to say I was interested in the next program and she asked me to attend the information session. I went but was not totally committed yet.

During the information session one of the speakers talked about nutrition and how sugar feeds inflammation and a light bulb went on for me. I was full of inflammation. I had used high-glycemic snacks for comfort food for the past two years as I sat around trapped by this wretched disease. What they told us made sense and I realized I had a big responsibility for my own health. All the best medication and health care professionals in the world were not going to help me if I did not do my part. There were a lot of people at the information session and Heather said she would draw names for the first group to start the program. I then made a commitment to myself that if my name was drawn, I would follow the program to the letter and see if it helped. I knew I had nothing to lose. My name was drawn.

Within three days of starting the program I felt better. I wasn’t as bloated and my sugar cravings were gone. The program was working. I was feeling better, eating better and started to feel alive again. The first time we had a workout with Heather I was very nervous as usually any physical activity would make me lose control of my bowel but after a week of improvement I was determined. After almost an hour of workout and no mishaps my confidence grew. Each week I saw improvement and now after 90 days I walk four miles everyday, I go to Zumba twice a week and I am off two of my medications.

This program has changed my life and it was so easy! I know there is no cure for Crones Disease but the past 90 days has improved it drastically and now I’m in control. And, I lost 22 pounds. Heather, Chris and Cheryl are so supportive and are great motivators. They are also lots of fun. I think the best thing about them is they believed in me when I could not. I would encourage anyone who feels helpless over their own health to try this program.

A free information session for the 90 Days to Better Health Program will be held at Heather’s Studio: 1215 Cariboo Hwy. N. (across from the CO-OP) 10 a.m., Feb. 12. Registration to follow. Call 250-992-1502 or e-mail: me@heatherhartridge.com for more information. Visit www.heatherhartridge.com