Bridging the rural/urban divide

Fall Fairs are moire than prize bulls and tractors, they reflect a time of harvest and a connection to the land

There’s still a place for prize-winning produce at the Fall Fair as urban gardening is a popular pastime.

There’s still a place for prize-winning produce at the Fall Fair as urban gardening is a popular pastime.

all Fairs are rooted in rural life. The fair was the culmination of a summer of hard work and farmers and ranchers looked forward to displaying their successes and sharing their challenges with like-minded people at the Fall Fair. Prize bulls, top quality grain, perfect vegetables and of course award-winning livestock were just a few of what visitors to the Fall Fair could hardly wait to see.

Today, Fall Fairs still contain many of these elements, however the role of end of season gatherings has changed and with those changes comes a change in fair-goers. Rural and urban can find interesting and amazing things to do at the Fall Fair while still connected to the rural roots of the original event. Livestock share the stage with state-of-the-art machinery and cutting edge technology.

New concepts in food security, conservation and environmental issues share tables with humongous cabbages and beautiful flower displays.

Where urban meets rural, magic happens. Ideas are shared, awareness is increased and new bonds are formed. Farmers and city-dwellers are finding more and more common ground in a festive, entertaining atmosphere at the new Fall Fair.

Quesnel Fall Fair, slated for Sept. 10 – 11 in Alex Fraser Park, perfectly blends the traditional with the new, fun with facts, urban with rural.

This year, visitors to the Fall Fair will have a wide array of choices as to how they spend their time. In the agriplex the North Cariboo Wool Growers Association is holding a traditional sheep/goat/llama show as well as demonstrating the ancient art of wool spinning.

Next door, drop by the Fur and Feather show with their stunning display of rabbits and poultry.

In the West Fraser Timber Room at the Arts and Recreation Centre, the Arts and Agriculture displays will share the space with FARMED displays including a scarecrow building event, veggie art, food and farm displays and food processing demonstrations.

In the rodeo arena, the Quesnel and District Riding Club is staging a one-day riding show on Saturday and on Sunday the North Cariboo Gymkana is holding their games and wrap up awards event.

And just for fun, the Quesnel Lions Club is once again holding their wiener dog races and new this

year Buffalo Bill is bringing his Richard’s Racers pig races, a favourite at the PNE and other provincial venues.

Entertainment will be continuous on the portable stage both days and food vendors and retail tents will tempt visitors.

The Quesnel Fall Fair is open to everyone and with no gate fee, its a family event designed to entertain and delight the young and the young at heart.

Drop by Alex Fraser Park for the Quesnel Fall Fair’s unique rural/urban experience.