Fall Fair introduces new classes for 2011

  • Mar. 4, 2011 5:00 a.m.

The  Quesnel Fall Fair Board of Directors are excited to announce the creation of several new classes for the 2011 Quesnel Fall Fair.

Within the 2011 theme Farming for the Future, the new classes focus mainly on urban agriculture, with certain classes targeted specifically at the youth of Quesnel.

The Quesnel Fall Fair has entered into a partnership with FARMED (North Cariboo Agricultural Marketing Association), and will be introducing a Junior Farmer category. This program will involve children and their families learning how to grow vegetables in containers over the summer and will exhibit their produce at the Quesnel Fall Fair where their exhibit will be judged and processed through dehydration into healthy snacks. Every child that participates in the program will graduate as a Junior Farmer.

Northern Health through the HEAL (Healthy Eating, Active Living) program is also a supporter of this program. For information on this program, contact FARMED at info@farmed.ca.

FARMED will also be sponsoring a miniature gardening category at this year’s fair. Miniature gardens are a way people can experience the joys of backyard planting without much effort. This category is for the development of container gardens which do not exceed 2.5 feet by 2.5 feet. There will be two sections in this category, decorative and edible gardening where 60 per cent or more of the plants in the garden are edible. Miniature gardens are an activity that grandparents, parents, and their children can work on together. For information contact FARMED at info@farmed.ca

The Quesnel Fall Fair board of directors will also be developing a square footage and decorative container gardening category, sponsored by Integris Credit Union. The containers can include such things as bath tubs, tires, sinks, and backyard kids pools. The category will be judged on the uniqueness of the container, visual appearance, variety of produce grown the health and size of the produce and the value of the produce. This category is still under development by the Fall Fair board of directors. Information can be found by contacting info@quesnelfallfair.ca

In addition to these new classes, we are completely renovating our prize book and will be including the sheep and goat shows, small and large livestock sections as well as a completely new 4-H section! We also have re-introduced prize money for all categories and classes. For information, contact info@quesnelfallfair.ca.