Following God’s lead

Elaine Osen is loving her new life and new job in Quesnel and owes her success to listening to God

Elaine Osen

Elaine Osen

After several years, alone in

Ontario, growing her skills in the

social services field, Elaine Osen

was ready for a change.

She had visited her mother,

who lives in Quesnel and attended

her mother’s church with her.

“I was really welcomed by the

Bethel Church community,” she


And added that was also reflected

in the community at large.

“I wasn’t particularly religious

in Ontario, however after my experience

with Bethel Church, I

felt strongly that God had a plan,

but I didn’t know what that was.”

Elaine packed up and moved to

Quesnel to be with her mother

and continued to attend the Bethel

Church. She became involved

in the children’s ministry at the

church and continued to fill her

skills tools box.

“When I read the posting for

the job of Family Service Worker

with the Salvation Army in

Quesnel, I knew it was exactly

what I was meant to do,” she


“I had been praying and seeking

God’s guidance and he didn’t

let me down.”

Elaine brings a considerable

skill set to her new job and is

thoroughly enjoying her new


“It’s a part-time job but who

knows how it will evolve, I’m just

blessed to have this service job.”

The Salvation Army has just

completed one of the busiest

times of the year, Christmas,

and with Salvation Army Majors

Debbie and Randy Gatza also

new to the community, they will

sit down with Elaine and other

staff members strategizing on

next steps.

As for Elaine, she plans to focus

on appreciating, recruiting and

retaining volunteers.

“Volunteers are vital to the services

and programs we provide.”

So far, one of the most memorable

moments for this newest

Salvation Army employee was

the delivery of 6,500 pounds

of non-perishables for the

Food Bank. This mountain of

food was collected by the three

business improvement areas in


“I loved watching the good-natured

competitiveness between

the three groups,” Elaine said.

“Quesnel has a huge heart.”

Over the next few weeks, Elaine

is looking forward to sitting

down with Debbie and Randy

to talk about what works and

what can be improved as well as

any changes or additions they

would like to implement.

“I’m blessed to work, hand and

hand, in the trenches with Debbie

and Randy and with God ever


Elaine again emphasized how

appreciative they are of all the

volunteer work done for the Salvation

Army, however, they can

always use more willing hands.

If you would like to give a little

spare time to the good works

of the Salvation Army contact

Elaine, 250-992-7079 or the

administration office, 250-992-