From the creative minds of Quesnel elementary students

Students from 12 local elementary schools submitted work for the KidzArt show.

Students from 12 local elementary schools submitted work for the KidzArt show.

Students from 12 local elementary schools have their work on display at the Quesnel Art Gallery for the month of April.

KidzArt is sponsored by School District 28 and was organized by McNaughton school principal Dennis Hawkins-Bogle and teacher Marguerite Hall.

“The creative arts play an important role in child development, specifically brain development, but also skill and aesthetic development,” Hawkins-Bogle said.

“When children are able to focus on creative pursuits, they activate abstract thinking processes. This in turn allows children to further create not only great pieces of art, but ideas and abstractions that inform their analytical and creative thinking.”

Although primarily framed art, the show also includes three-dimensional work in the showcase just outside the gallery.

Hall was also very enthusiastic about the value to students when creating art.

“When creating an art piece, the student has control. With that one piece they learn to problem solve, think critically about the effect they’re achieving and they learn to self-assess,” she said.

With each art piece, students are given the opportunity to experiment and try out their creativity.”

She added when the whole class is involved in creating art pieces, the students view the work and creations of others. When they all use the same materials and all have the same lesson, they see with their own eyes that each creation is unique. She went on to say this experience promotes an understanding and an acceptance of others’ talents and abilities.

Hawkins-Bogle said the creative arts is an opportunity for students to develop their artistic skills.

“This show is the culmination of thinking and skill,” he said.

“It’s a celebration of art and of learning.”

Hall added, “experiencing all of the arts in school enables students to experiment with all the various ways they can express themselves. And having experienced art, they are more able to appreciate art when they see it in the world. Having the ability to appreciate art enriches their lives.”

KidzArt hangs in the gallery for the month of April. Gallery hours are Tuesday – Saturday, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. The Quesnel Art Gallery is located in the Quesnel and District Arts and Recreation Centre on Northstar Road in Quesnel.