Local guide receives Fortitude Award

  • Feb. 23, 2011 7:00 a.m.

On February 7, Kathy Breadner presented Clara Frisby of the First Bouchie Lake Guides with a very special and rare Girl Guide award – the Fortitude Award.

This award is presented to girl or adult members who have shown great courage and strength of character in adversity.

Very few of these awards occur annually in all of Canada. The last time the Fortitude Award was presented in Quesnel was twenty-five years ago.

Clara has a very strong work ethic. She stands up for the underdog, and is a leader in her unit. Over the years, Clara has faced hearing loss, accompanied by countless number of operations, but this situation only makes her stronger and more determined to do well.

The Fortitude Award is presented by the National Board of Directors of Girl Guides of Canada.

Clara received a letter from Chris Burton, the Chief Commissioner of Girl Guides of Canada, and a special pin to wear on her uniform.

In the letter, Ms. Burton quoted a Guider. “Clara has taught me patience and strength. She has taught me never to give up and to always see the good in others. To me and to all those around her, Clara is truly a special human being.”

Congratulations, Clara.