Mayor consults students on proposed playground

Dragon Lake elementary school students were asked for their preferred opinion on playground equipment

  • Feb. 15, 2017 6:00 p.m.
Students spent the day discussing their choices for playground equipment in the soon-to-be constructed playground in Southhills.

Students spent the day discussing their choices for playground equipment in the soon-to-be constructed playground in Southhills.

Quesnel Mayor Bob Simpson

and Nicole Capewell, NDIT

Local Government Management

Intern presented to Dragon Lake

elementary school students on

Wednesday regarding the proposed

playground designated for

the Southhills area.

City staff have been soliciting

feedback on two new playgrounds

for the community

– a completely redesigned playground

for LeBourdais Park in

a new area of the park and the

proposed Southhills playground.

Feedback has been collected

from town hall meetings, an

online survey, classroom-based

consultation and assembly-based

consultation at Dragon Lake


City Council has completed

their budget deliberations on

these two playgrounds and the

budget for these two playgrounds

has been added to the five-year

capital plan.

The assembly-based consultation

with the students had them

watch a slide-show presentation

on the process of decision-making

and what specifically they

would be considering.

They were then broken down

into small groups of 4 – 5 students

and given 15 choices as to

what equipment they felt was

most important for the Southhills


Not only did this provide feedback

but it also provided the students

with a hands-on exercise in

decision-making and consensus

planning. Each group was tasked

with selecting their top five choices

for playground equipment and

Simpson explained the value of

feedback but also emphasized

that few groups would select the

same five elements, so the decision

would be made once all the

feedback, from all the sources,

was collected and analysed.

“Once we have all the feedback,

we will actually visit both LeBourdais

Park and the Southhills

site, assess the terrain and make

the decisions as to what is best

suited where,” Simpson said.

We want each of our brand

new playgrounds to have unique

features that will draw the children.

The other two new parks

are at the Arts and Recreation

Centre and West Fraser Timber


He added the five-year capital

plan includes refreshing all

the playgrounds within the city

limits. “In general, Quesnel has

four times as many parks, playgrounds,

memorial parks and

green spaces as other communities

of our size,” he said.

“We have 33 as well as 13 maintained

ball diamonds in Quesnel

as compared to 3 – 4 in comparable


Simpson said as soon as the

frost is out of the ground, they

will begin both the LeBourdais

Park and the Southhills playground