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Mysterious snow circle

The unexplained snow circle appeared in a field south of Kersley after an overnight snowfall.

It appeared out of nowhere, a snow circle in one of the fields close to the house on a ranch south of Kersley.

The owners noticed the oddity as they walked out to feed calves.

From side to side the circle measured about 15 – 20 feet  (4 – 6 metres) with the outer ring melted and the centre still filled with snow. At the biggest part of the melted circle, it measures about three feet (one metre) across.

The rancher reported there wasn’t a single track leading either towards or away from the snow circle.

She also said there’s absolutely no chance anyone could have been out there doing anything.

“This circle was on a higher mount, the water normally drains off that mount, but this definitely wasn’t from melting,” she said.

By late afternoon all the newly fallen snow had melted and the circle disappeared.

They presume the ground, for some inexplicable reason, was warmer where the snow melted in the almost perfectly circular area, but they have no explanation.

“Just another unexplained phenomena,” she said.