Nazko office takes the fitness challenge

First Nations office workers fit exercise into noonhour schedule

  • Oct. 17, 2012 6:00 p.m.
Nazko Chief Delores Alec

Nazko Chief Delores Alec

“OK, ladies and gentlemen, one more time, let’s use those outer leg muscles to lift the body bar up and away from the floor.”

Like a well trained team, bars are put in place, bodies are positioned correctly and everyone is motivated to follow Instructor Cheryl Scanlan’s cues.

Welcome to the Nazko First Nation Noon Hour Fitness Class.

Since September, the Nazko Band has been offering this well-attended class to any band or staff member.   Chief Delores Alec is the driving force behind her five-year-old vision of a place to assist Nazko First Nation people to be active and healthy.

Over the past few years, Delores has learned the value of personal health and wellness.  Having long suffered with a back problem in the past, she attended physiotherapists and even had two back surgeries.

After experiencing minimal results, Delores hoped that personal fitness training would help.  She followed that route and now openly states that it was the best thing she could have done.

Under the guidance of local personal fitness trainer Heather Hartridge, Delores came to Heathers’ Fitness Studio on 2 Mile Flat for a focused and effective fitness plan.

She worked hard to achieve positive results and is now leading by example. The noon hour fitness class at the band office is always well attended and is still expanding. Even the folks from the business side of the band have been attending.

“It’s a good mix, but we still need more people,” Delores said.

Hearing the laughter, clearly people are having fun at the classes.  Friendships and a noticeable sense of community are giving the class a strong base to build on.  Delores knows that happy, healthy people will create a healthy working environment around them.

“Health and fitness are important,” she said.

“With this class, people are making a commitment that leads to greater self esteem.”

Without a doubt, inspiration is a wonderful thing.

Chris Hartridge is a fitness enthusiast and regular Observer contributor.