Orange Years set to headline Troll Telefest

Orange years had their first headliner booking. Band members include left to right: Mike Peterson

Orange years had their first headliner booking. Band members include left to right: Mike Peterson


Observer Reporter

Orange Years is the mainstage attraction at this weekend’s Troll Telefest.

Although individually, the five band members are well-acquainted with music, blending their different talents is quite recent.

All are members of the Correlieu Jazz band and with the encouragement and support of band teacher Shawn Smith, Orange Years  have gained their independence.

“We were the rhythm section of the band and sometimes we’d perform as a combo, so we thought we might as well do a few extra gigs,” drummer Leaf VanVugt said.

Keyboard and guitarist Vagn Moore said if it wasn’t for Shawn Smith’s encouragement and support Orange Years wouldn’t exist.

“He’s our teacher and he’s really inspiring,” guitarist Dakota Dryborough said.

In February, they won the Quesnel Battle of the Bands and have several bookings around the community including the annual music festival at Sylvia’s Cafe.

But Telefest gives the band its first general audience and they are hard at work practicing in the studio VanVugt’s parents created over the family automotive business.

And as for the name, Moore explained it wasn’t a long thought-out process.

“I was talking on Facebook, discussing names and colours I thought were cool,” he said.

“I like the colour orange and thought with a y in the second word the band acronym would be TOY.”

Kelsey McKelvie, vocalist and acoustic guitarist rounds out the band and brings a throaty, full-body voice to the Orange Years.

Many of the band’s tunes are cover songs however, VanVugt has written the only original song for Orange Years. Sailboats was the opener for the band in the Battle of the Bands contest.

“It went over well,” Moore said.

Moore has written music for various school projects but hasn’t made the leap to creating anything for Orange Years.

Mike Peterson is the fifth member of the band and brings solid bass notes to their music.

As for their future as a band, VanVugt said they’d have to see how things went but with several gigs booked, Orange Years might look for more summer work.

Moore admitted they are a little nervous as Telefest is their first headliner show, but VanVugt was bursting with confidence and has aspirations to joining the famous Warp Tour where punk bands from around the world tour North America.

Dougal Hines, local musician and one of the Telefest organizers, is very confident Orange Years will be a hit at the event, will also sing one song with the band, his own ode to Troll  composition.

He said he was impressed with their versatility, especially classic rock.

Orange Years have two videos on YouTube and a Facebook page.