Time for a change

Art Gallery looking for new energy and new volunteers as veterans get set to retire

There’s a meeting Nov. 1, scheduled for two sessions, 2 – 4 p.m. and 7 – 9 p.m. in the meeting room at the Arts and Rec Centre and this could be the most important meeting you’ll ever attend.

The Quesnel Art Gallery Society is in transition, with long-term volunteers, including 30-year veteran Pat Wahlstrom, retiring.

With these retirements, the gallery is enthusiastically seeking new voices, new energy, new ideas and volunteers willing to do as little or as much as they’re able.

“We need to add to our volunteer roster in order to carry on the vital work of the art gallery,” Wahlstrom said.

“It’s an opportunity for those interested to work with like-minded people who support arts, culture and heritage in our community.”

She went on to say why she’s given so many years to this organization.

“I just love art in all its many forms,” she said.

“There’s applied arts, music, fine arts, performing arts and many more expected and unexpected art forms.

“For people who say they don’t have a connection to arts, I tell them they need to stop and look around, take the pictures off your wall, give back the pottery mug you drink your coffee from, eliminate the furniture you sit on and so much more. They all represent creativity that enhances your life.”

For all the gallery volunteers, the work is rewarding whether you commit to a couple of hours of sitting in the gallery, assist with the organizing and executing of the monthly shows, promote arts, culture and heritage in the community, dress the art centre’s glass cases, help with advertising or any number of details that keep any business successful,” Wahlstrom quotes an old adage, “many hands make light work.”

“With only one meeting a month and many aspects of the committee requiring varied levels of commitment, the committee is looking for people with different abilities and whatever time they have to give,” she said.

The Quesnel Art Gallery is for established and emerging artists, where both have the opportunity to show their work.

“Our gallery is accessible and welcoming to most submissions,” she said.

“We pride ourselves on our juried shows and celebrate the new and developing artists with such shows as the elementary school show and the open shows.

“Every artists begins somewhere.”

Those interested in assuring the art gallery continues its good work are welcome at either meeting time, whichever is most convenient.

For information contact Wahlstrom at 250-747-2271.