Welcome to her world

Local author draws inspriation from the beauty and life around her North Cariboo environment

Nancy Tellman Clouston has spent the last seven years finally writing what's been inside her for years.

Nancy Tellman Clouston has spent the last seven years finally writing what's been inside her for years.

Seven years ago Nancy Tellman Clouston began to transcribe all the thoughts that had been locked in her inherently lazy self (her description.)

She recently published her first piece of  fiction, based on factual evidence called The Destiny of Love which she will be selling, along with her other books and Christmas cards series at, the Christmas Farmers’ Markets, Nov. 30, Dec. 7 and 14 at the Arts and Recreation Centre.

“Writing has always been in me all my life,” she said.

“My first book was prompted by the birth of my first great grandson. I knew he wouldn’t want for anything materially but our legacy of life in the Cariboo was a gift I could give to Evyn.”

So she wrote A little Red Calf named Sweet Pea – an endearing book about one of the many calves born on her family cattle ranch.

Reticent to use her real name, Nancy was fairly certain no one would want to read her work so she contrived an honest nom de plume, a pseudonym she continues to write under.

At 81 years of age, she has mastered the art of creating on the computer.

“Its part of my lazy persona, no wasted paper or pens,” she said with a smile.

That first book was mainly for her great grandson, family and friends but it opened the flood gates for a wealth of literary work. With the help of her whole family, and especially one in the publishing business, Nancy was launched as an author and poet.

Being mother to eight children, grandmother to eight and great grandmother to ten as well as a partner in a fully operational cattle ranch, there has never been a shortage of creative fodder.

Sweet Pea was followed closely by Elizabeth which is the story of a cow who considered herself Queen of the Barn.

This book was also intended for family and friends, however both books found their way into the North Cariboo Growers Co-op, a fitting location to market such reading material, although the newly constructed Co-op doesn’t carry such material.

Nancy wasn’t content to just write books though. She also has a passion for capturing the beauty of the local landscape through the camera lens.

“I take pictures of what catches my eye,” she admitted.

And these images were often in a series such as stumps, fences and beaver ponds.

“I never claim to be a photographer,” she said.

“I steal moments and pass them on to the viewer.”

Called her Camera and Heart Collection, Nancy couples her stunning images with her equally moving poetry.

“For me, poetry is rhythm, the rhythm of life. Everything we do is in rhythm. Music and poetry are one in the same. It comes from deep within. Once you read my poetry, you’ve read my soul.”

Her card collections include many images captured right from Nancy’s front porch.

“Its amazing to live amongst such beauty.”

Her latest publication, The Destiny of Love, is somewhat of a genealogical journey of love and strength. In an effort to tell her parents’ love story, Nancy delved deep into the history, beginning with her ancestry in the Boston area in the 17th century and Scotland in the 18th century, all the way through the next 14 generations.

“The book is based on my family history fictionalized. One of the unexpected bonuses of this journey was the discovery of relatives I never knew about. We’ve stayed in touch.”

The book begins with one of Nancy’s poems and several others are found throughout.

If all goes as planned, she will also have ready for the Christmas season, a coffee table book containing 60 images and 20 poems specific to the images.

Nancy has five new barnyard books finished and waiting to be published.

Nancy confessed she has an endless supply of ideas and expects she will spend a good amount of her future developing many of these stories.

As you wander through the market, take the time to stop by Nancy’s table, browse through her work and meet this fascinating local author.