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LETTER: NDP says Cariboo MLAs flip-flop on carbon tax

Parmar says Oakes and Doerkson share party’s hypocrisy
Langford-Juan de Fuca MLA Ravi Parmar (Handout photo)

Cariboo MLAs must answer for Falcon’s carbon tax hypocrisy.

Cariboo BCUP MLAs Lorne Doerkson and Coralee Oakes are accountable for their leader’s hypocrisy on the carbon tax.

For 15 years, Kevin Falcon proudly supported the carbon tax. But now that John Rustad is campaigning against it, Falcon is suddenly saying he’s against it too. Nobody knows where he really stands.

Just four months ago, Kevin Falcon said to CHEK TV in Victoria: “I was always proud to be part of the government that brought in North America’s first revenue neutral carbon tax, and I’m really, really proud of that.”

But after losing supporters to the BC Conservatives (who oppose the carbon tax), Falcon suddenly tried to shift his position this month.

Kevin Falcon has shown a staggering lack of principle on the carbon tax.

BCUP MLAs like Lorne Doerkson and Coralee Oakes need to answer for their leader’s complete hypocrisy on the carbon tax.

Falcon cited the carbon tax as an example of the type of leadership he wanted to “bring back.”

“Remember, it was the B.C. Liberals that brought in the revenue neutral carbon tax,” Falcon said at a leadership debate in 2021. “It was the NDP that opposed us in bringing that in, that fought an election and lost trying to oppose us on the carbon tax. That’s the kind of leadership that I want to bring back. We are going to lead on the climate file.”

Falcon’s claim that his carbon tax was revenue-neutral is false.

Whether you’re in favour of the carbon tax or against it, it’s impossible to trust Kevin Falcon on it. He’ll say anything about it to get elected.

Ravi Parmar


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