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April is Construction Month in B.C.

For five years BC has celebrated the skilled tradespeople who build our province. They deserve it.

There are over 25,000 contractors working BC’s industrial, commercial, and institutional construction industry, and together they employ 215,000 plus workers.

Amidst the challenges that we all faced as COVID-19 took hold and lives changed, the construction industry stepped up as an essential non-medical service. From the first days of the pandemic, BC’s skilled tradespeople were called on to keep coming to work and to keep building.

And they did it, through pandemic, and then through heat waves, fires, and floods.

As Spring gears up, the ground thaws, and the days grow longer, job sites continue to operate safely, large projects follow enhanced safety protocols, and employers collaborate to share best practises. Workers take care of themselves and each other.

This commitment to safety should be acknowledged.

Construction Month offers an important chance for all British Columbians to recognize the contributions of the workers in the construction industry. The Province has committed $25BN in taxpayer dollars to infrastructure investment in the latest budget, and there are $100BN in construction projects underway in BC. The construction workforce is hard at work across every single community in every region of the province.

Big project owners such as Construction Month sponsor LNG Canada are committed to workforce development across the province, helping to make sure that small contractors can support their workers in apprenticeship and that traditionally underrepresented groups have access to the careers they seek, and a chance to succeed at them.

Houle Electric: #lunchboxchallenge Construction Month 2021 participant

As we turn to economic recovery post-COVID, the construction industry has a major role to play. Infrastructure investment is crucial to building back the economy, and skilled tradespeople will be relied upon again, this time to help make sure BC comes back strong.

The British Columbia Construction Association (BCCA) and our Construction Month sponsors are here to help. We’re behind the scenes pushing to make sure contractors get paid on time for the work they do, to ensure that procurement processes are up to standards, and that the culture on site is one that supports everyone to work to the best of their ability without hazing, bullying or harassment.

This Construction Month, we hope you’ll take a moment to recognize the contributions of BC’s construction industry with a shout-out to anyone you know that plays a part in it.