Bug Bulb Reviews: Legit Bug Zapping Mosquito Killer or Waste of Money?

Getting rid of annoying insects, including mosquitoes, is anything but easy! You may have used different mosquito repellent products like millions of people, but the results may not have been satisfying. Not everyone can cope with the side effects of chemical-laden sprays and vaporizer products sold by various brands to eliminate insects. People with respiratory issues fare worse in this regard. If you want effective relief from insects at home and outside, pick a suitable solution like Bug Bulb. This bug zapper is bliss for people seeking great relief from mosquitoes.

What Is Bug Bulb Zapper?

This battery-driven portable device uses a particular frequency UV lamp to lure insects to it and then uses an inbuilt power grid to finish off these insects. The device operates without noise, aromatic smoke, or fumes, making it well-suited for everyone, including those with respiratory health woes. It is portable and handy and so you can use it at home and many other places minus issues. The device can be charged through a USB cable which adds to ease of usage. It emits 365 nm wavelength UV light to lure and kill insects quickly.

The unique thing about the bug zapper is that it does not require any fluid or chemical refill. Once charged, it can run for 20 hours. The device also doubles as a night lamp due to its UV LED light. It is a fuss-free mosquito-killer device that effectively eliminates other flying and crawling insects. The insects killed by it are gathered in a tray under the machine. You only need to clean the tray daily.

How Safe Is The Device?

The company making Bug Bulb Bug Zapper assures of its safety.

  • It does not contain any cartridge replete with solid chemicals and allergens.
  • The build quality is good, and there are no sharp parts that cause injury to users, including kids.
  • The electrified grid in it is covered by quality micro-plastic bars.
  • Its build quality is decent; you will not damage it by extensive usage.
  • The device is equipped with good insulation, making it safe from shocks.

Why Does It Score Over Other Insect-Repellent Devices?

Plenty of insect-killer devices are on the market, but they are no match for Bug Bulb electric zapper. It scores over most competing devices for various reasons.

  • The device is quite portable and compact. So you can easily take it from one place to another. If you travel somewhere, carrying it inside your bag is easy. This makes it handy for people who want to evade mosquitoes while traveling or staying outdoors for days.
  • The device has a low running cost. It can be charged through USB; no refill or cartridge replacement will be necessary. Once set, it runs for several hours.
  • The device has an embedded UV LED lamp that serves the illumination purpose. Not only that, you can change the intensity of the inbuilt lamp. So, you can use it to light up dark alleys and terraces or reduce the power to serve the purpose of a night light.
  • The device has a handle to hang it easily for better illumination.
  • Compared to many competing devices, it is priced decently. You can buy bulk packs and save more.
  • The company is offering a refund policy on the device with 30-day validity.
  • The device does not exude any strong aroma or fume when used, making it ideal for people afflicted with respiratory ailments.
  • The device is simple and can be used easily by older people and kids. There is nothing like a lengthy and complex setup.
  • Its UV lamp with changing intensity can be used for various needs, including as a night lamp.
  • The company says it can cover 250 square feet when switched on, so you can use it for areas worth 16×16 feet.

How Much Does It Cost?

Bug Bulb Zapper is not a costly device as such. It has a low buying cost compared to most segment rivals. The company also offers discounts for bulk orders. If you have several members in the house, consider buying 3 or 4 units at once.

  • One unit of Bug Bulb zapper costs $39.99.
  • 2 Bug Bulb units sell for $79.99.
  • 3 Bug Bulbs sell for $89.99.
  • For 4 units of this device, you have to pay $119.99.

The company advises people to place orders on its website only. You will only get discounts and other benefits by buying it from somewhere. When you buy it from an authentic company website, you get a refund coverage valid for 30 days.

Who Can Benefit From Using It?

Bug Bulb zapper can be used by anyone who wants effective relief from mosquitoes and many other insects. However, it is ideal for:

  • People who do not want to use chemical-based mosquito killer devices.
  • People who are allergic to strong smells and fumes.
  • People who have kids and pets at home and want mosquito elimination.
  • People who want to evade insects even when they are outdoors.

What Are The Reviews Like?

Before buying any insect repellent device, you must read the reviews online. The online reviews on Bug Bulbs are encouraging. Most users have said they have found relief from insects after using it. They are also happy with the refund coverage and decent cost and discounts.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

Bug Bulb bug zapper does not have any severe drawbacks as such. The only thing is that it is sold online, so occasional shipment delays can occur.

Summing It Up

In a finer analysis, there is little reason not to recommend Bug Bulb Zapper for people seeking relief from various insects. It is a compact, sturdy device with long battery life; running cost is low, and using it does not involve rocket science. The device also works as a night lamp; you can count on it for safety. The USB recharge feature is also handy. The company has not priced it steeply as well. You also get discounts on bulk packs, and there is a refund offer too.