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Window cost estimator: How much do new windows cost in 2023?

Consider size, type, material and quality when budgeting for new windows
Several factors can influence window price, including size, type and frame material. To find out what works for your needs and budget, consult with Ecoline Windows.

Modern windows are an excellent investment for any homeowner, but the amount of choice can be intimidating! If you’re considering replacing your windows, this article will help you get a sense of your style and budget options, so you can make a confident choice.

4 reasons to invest in high quality windows

Before getting into the specifics of window prices by size, it’s important to understand the value of investing in quality windows — especially when hunkering down for a harsh Quesnel winter.

  1. Energy Efficiency: Well-insulated windows can help reduce heating and cooling costs, and make it easier to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature year-round.
  2. Aesthetics: New windows can enhance the curb appeal of your Quesnel home, making it more inviting and visually appealing to you, your guests, and potential home buyers.
  3. Comfort: Increased insulation not only improves indoor temperatures, it also reduces noise — making your home a peaceful sanctuary against passing storms and noisy highway traffic.
  4. Property Value: Upgrading your windows can increase the resale value of your Quesnel property, offering a return-on-investment (ROI) of as much as 70 per cent! You’ll benefit from new windows while living in your home, and you’ll also attract better offers when you’re ready to put your home on the market.

Factors Influencing Window Prices in Quesnel

Ecoline Windows offers a variety of window sizes that cater to the diverse needs of Quesnel homeowners. Here’s how window prices can be influenced by size:

  1. Standard Sizes: Standard window sizes like 24 x 36 inches or 36 x 48 inches are often more budget-friendly. Ecoline Windows offers a range of standard sizes that fit most common window openings in Quesnel homes. These windows are readily available, helping you manage costs effectively.
  2. Custom Sizes: If your home has unique window openings requiring custom-sized windows, expect a slightly higher investment. Custom windows are tailored to fit your specific needs and may involve additional manufacturing and labour costs. Ecoline Windows can create custom windows for your Quesnel residence, ensuring they align with your requirements, even though it may come at a slightly higher cost.
  3. Large Windows: Larger windows, such as picture or bay windows, tend to be pricier due to their size and the additional glass required. Often that higher price tag is worth it though, because you’ll get to enjoy stunning views of the Cariboo and the natural light pouring in.
  4. Small Windows: For smaller spaces like bathrooms and storage rooms, smaller windows are generally more cost-effective. They require less material and labour, making them a budget-friendly choice.

Besides size, several other factors can affect window prices:

  1. Window Type: The type of window you select can significantly impact the price. Ecoline Windows offers various window types, such as single-hung, double-hung, casement, and more. Each type comes with its unique features and price points, so you can find the type that fits your preferences and budget.
  2. Glass Options: Triple-pane windows offer enhanced energy efficiency, but are more expensive than double-pane windows.
  3. Frame Material: Fibreglass windows are strong and long-lasting, but cost more than vinyl frames. Most window companies in Canada specialize exclusively or primarily in vinyl windows. They are nearly maintenance free, have very few service issues, last at least 20 years, and are also a budget-friendly option. Wood windows are aesthetically beautiful and offer great efficiency ratings, but cost quite a bit more than vinyl. Aluminum windows are pretty much a thing of the past on today’s replacement market, due to energy efficiency issues.
  4. Energy Efficiency: Energy-efficient windows with features like Low-E coatings or argon gas fill may have a higher initial cost but can lead to significant long-term energy savings.

With these factors in mind, here’s a cost estimate for window prices in every room of your house:

  • Bedroom Windows: $900 – 2100
  • Master Bedroom Windows: $1100 – 4264
  • Kitchen Windows: $1095 – 3635
  • Dining Room Windows: $418 – 2255
  • Living Room Windows: $1319 – 3774
  • Rec Room Windows: $730 – 2350
  • Bathroom Windows: $687 – 2371
  • Shower Windows: $480 – 1180
  • Basement Windows: $577 – 2116
  • Office Room Windows: $730 – 1650
  • Laundry Room Windows: $662 – 2226
  • First-floor windows: $490 – 4680
  • Second-floor windows: $490 – 3260
  • Bay Windows: $1360 – 4250
  • Bow Windows: $1760 – 4680
  • Nook Windows: $682 – 2296
  • Stairwell Windows: $646 – 2332
  • Back Windows: $1052 – 2772
  • Front Windows: $1214 – 2856
  • Side Windows: $549 – 1064
  • Transom Windows: $769 – 1284
  • Sidelight Windows: $453 – 1240

To learn more about window options for your needs and budget, consult with an Ecoline Windows expert or use their window replacement cost estimator to find out the approximate price for your project in seconds!