Election signs near Moffat Bridge in Quesnel. Melanie Law photo

Election signs near Moffat Bridge in Quesnel. Melanie Law photo


The Observer asks: What issues are important to you for the municipal election?

Locals weigh in on Quesnel’s future as election day kicks off

Mathew Yurkiw

“There needs to be more low-income housing for people with disabilities and more job opportunities for people with disabilities too.”

Jim Porter

“I’d like to see the lower part of Lewis Drive fixed. It’s so rough there. It’d be nice if they did a temporary paving. I seldom travel there, but when I do it’s horrible.”

Emile Blanc

“I think something needs to be done about the degradation of public spaces. I’ve got a toddler and I find myself having second thoughts about going to a park. Not because they aren’t nice parks but because I don’t want to risk confrontation.”

Sarah Fougere

“I’m interested in getting the private schools and the public schools to play sports together. They currently don’t and that’s something I’d like to see changed.”

Janis McRae

“There is a lot of excess traffic and traffic back-ups, so I think it would be nice to look at traffic flow, especially with the highway going through town.”

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