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A little sunny honey house for Quesnel birds

Family crafts at Visitor Centre

The rain was falling outside, but that didn’t cloud the colours or dampen the spirits at the Visitor Centre craft table.

Mikayla Dyck and her auntie Heather Van Haren and uncle Stephen Dyck stepped inside from the rain to create a bird seed feeder, during a recent family outing to LeBourdais Park and the Quesnel Visitor Centre, with its built-in museum and archive. The weather turned on them, turning their playtime in the park into craft time inside.

Their project of choice was a birdfeeder kit. Shapes for the structure were cut out of cardboard then covered in honey. After the honey application, the feeders were dipped in the birdseed until they were competely covered. Completed feeders were fitted with a pipe cleaner to be used to hang in a tree ready for the birds.

According to staff there, the Visitor’s Centre has been doing crafts in the park since early July, with a different craft every Wednesday, the last one for the season being today (Aug. 23). They happen from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. sometimes outside in the park and if necessary due to weather, inside.

The program is done by summer students working together with regular staff, especially Jadacia Barker and Katharine Wall. The crafts are free of charge, and only one element of the many engaging resources and opportunities inside the doors at 703 Carson Avenue.

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