Abbott addresses party faithfuls in Quesnel

George Abbott discusses his leadership campaign platform with party faithfuls in Quesnel.

George Abbott discusses his leadership campaign platform with party faithfuls in Quesnel.


Observer Reporter 


Committing to working on different ways he could assist the community obtain matching funds for the Multi-Centre, Liberal leadership hopeful George Abbott admitted as of yet there is no infrastructure program in place.

“I’m prepared to sit down with your mayor and look at different ways we could help,” he added.

Abbott, MLA for Shuswap since 1996, has held five cabinet posts since first taking office, most recently appointed minister of education and deputy house leader.

Abbott has laid out his vision for the province based on “core principles.”

• A belief in a strong, free-enterprise economy that capitalizes on the diversity of the province and provides certainty for investors, businesses and citizens.

“I believe we’re not a party that creates jobs,” Abbott said.

“We create an environment others will invest in.”

• An understanding families are the foundation of successful communities and that government can help them meet their everyday needs.

• A clear resolve that rural British Columbia continues to be the economic engine of our province with a bounty of both natural and human resources, but also recognizing the interdependence of our rural and urban communities.

“We need to build diversifying the economy,” he said.

“Forestry is the backbone and it in going through a very difficult period it was a reminder to diversity. Look at mining, tourism, agriculture and hydroelectric.” 

• A new style of leadership founded on allowing the people of British Columbian to participate in decisions that impact their quality of life, enhancing trust and transparency in the day-to-day decisions of government, and by empowering the role and accountability of elected representatives.

“I’ve built my 30-year political career on reaching out to grass-roots,” Abbott said.

“That is the kind of leadership I will bring to the premier’s office.

The liberal leadership vote Saturday, Feb. 26, the four frontrunners are: Abbott, Christy Clark, Kevin Falcon, and Mike deJong.