Kyle Townsend is running for the B.C. Conservatives in Cariboo North. (Photo Submitted)

Kyle Townsend is running for the B.C. Conservatives in Cariboo North. (Photo Submitted)

B.C. VOTES 2020: Cariboo North candidate questionnaire – Kyle Townsend, Conservative Party

Cariboo North election candidates answer a series of questions leading up to the election

We asked Cariboo North election candidates the same five questions — plus one bonus question — leading up to the Oct. 24 election and gave them all the same word limit.

1. How would your provincial government approach a COVID-19 recovery moving forward?

The Conservatives have a five-point recovery plan. First, immediately suspend the carbon tax, providing savings on the many needs of families — especially fuel, groceries and home utilities — heading into the most expensive season ahead. Second, provide provincial tax credits for B.C. residents visiting B.C. recreational destinations. Third, raise the threshold of provincial income which is taxed. Fourth, an enhanced forestry plan that includes switching to a monthly stumpage calculation. Fifth, build a made-in-B.C. manufacturing opportunity, providing new jobs while sustaining our supply chain and products locally.

2. What will you do to improve road quality in Cariboo North?

The quality of roads in the Cariboo North is one of my top priorities. The West Fraser Road and Bypass in town should have construction started as soon as possible. Not only have West Fraser residents waited far too long to have the road repaired, but construction would provide good-paying, local jobs in the short term. Quesnel Hydraulic Road repair should be expedited to avoid it turning in to the same debacle as the West Fraser Road.

3. How should we tackle the overdose crisis?

Our enhanced local social net is working with municipalities and local governments to get mental health and overdose issues under control. Instead of the government telling people what they should be doing, we will consult with them to find what needs to be done, returning to a local approach to health care.

4. What will resource extraction look like in Cariboo North over the next 10 years?

As always, resource extraction should continue to be done in a responsible way, respecting local First Nations and the environment. Switching to a monthly stumpage calculation will allow the cost of timber to more accurately reflect the price of lumber. Projects like the Blackwater Gold and Barkerville Gold should be supported and encouraged by government. Projects like these safely and responsibly develop our natural resources while providing quality, high-paying, local jobs. Placer mining interjects an estimated $120 million annually into the local economy, but our current governments’ regulations have made permitting arduous, often delaying projects. We will add extra staff to lower the burden of existing staff and speed up the process, with a target of 90 days from start to finish.

5. Why are you running for MLA of Cariboo North?

First of all, I am running for MLA because I love our province, and I love the Cariboo North region. I live here, I work here, and I play here. I want our region to continue to have high-paying, quality jobs and a high quality of life. I want to be a part of the positive changes that can continue to keep our region great.

I just want to do the best for the residents of the Cariboo North that I possibly can.

Bonus Question: What question should we have asked you?

What would your government do differently regarding the cow/calf moose cull?

The cow/calf moose cull is a flawed byproduct of the NDP’s Caribou Recovery plan. It does nothing to help the caribou, but it further depletes an already devastated moose population. We need to have an immediate cease to the unscientific moose cull and push for the common-sense approach of predator control.

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