Baker Creek waters rising

Baker Creek is under a flood warning as waters rise.

Baker Creek is under a flood warning as waters rise.

A flood warning for Baker Creek has been issued by the Ministry of Forest, Land and Natural Resources BC River Forecast Centre due to recent heavy rainfall and warmer weather.

The city is monitoring the creek on a regular basis to ensure public safety while monitoring infrastructure such as roads, trails and water and sewer lines.

High water flows are expected over at least the next two to three weeks.

The city requests that residents stay away from the banks of the creek as well as the Quesnel

and Fraser Rivers.

The slopes can become very slippery during high water incidents.

That combined with the fast-moving water creates a safety issue. People are urged to keep careful watch over children and pets as well and keep away from water’s edge.

The city may need to place safety barriers along portions of the Riverfront Trail.

The public is asked to respect those barriers.

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