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Bear killed after multiple attacks on walkers in Pemberton

The bear was involved in a similar attack Sunday (June 12) and multiple other incidents

A black bear has been killed by the conservation officers in Pemberton, following an attack on a woman walking near the area earlier this week.

The woman was charged and bitten by the bear on the Riverside Wetlands trail around 9:30 a.m. Monday (June 13) and has since been treated for her injuries.

On Tuesday (June 14), the bear was euthanized after being deemed a threat to the public.

The bear was identified based on victim and witness descriptions, the location and evidence at the scene.

Authorities have confirmed that the same bear is responsible for a similar attack on Sunday (June 12) and multiple incidents of charging people.

Off-leash dogs were present in both attacks, prompting the B.C. Conservation Officer Service to advise that dogs be kept on-leash.

According to data from the B.C. COS, there were 935 calls received from the public to report conflict with a black bear in April. That is 270 more calls than the same time period in 2021. Those calls resulted in 23 black bears being destroyed.

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