There was a grass fire on Horse Lake Road on Monday afternoon. (Fiona Grisswell photo - 100 Mile Free Press)

There was a grass fire on Horse Lake Road on Monday afternoon. (Fiona Grisswell photo - 100 Mile Free Press)

Belligerent resident makes fighting grass fire on Horse Lake Road challenging

100 Mile Fire Rescue ran into several challenges battling a grassfire earlier this week

A grass fire on Horse Lake Road caught the attention of area residents and 100 Mile Fire Rescue Monday afternoon.

Chief Roger Hollander said 100 Mile Fire Rescue responded to the call with 12 to 13 members, noting the fire was close to the fire hall.

“Upon arrival, we had a few acres on fire on some private property,” he said. “The flames and the fire were impinging on the home, there was a private dwelling there. We were able to protect the house and evacuate the home from the folks that were inside.”

Hollander said in addition to the house there were multiple outbuildings and livestock that were threatened. They were able to protect the buildings and animals and get a perimeter wet line around the few acres under what he called challenging conditions.

“We did have some challenges on scene. In addition to the animals that were loose and at large, we also had an unfortunate combative occupant on scene that we were having difficulties with. RCMP were called and they were able to deal with this person.”

This and the prevailing winds that they were up against protecting other homes in the area hampered their firefighting efforts, he said.

One of the members suffered a twisted knee due to the steep and challenging terrain but was checked out and released on scene, he said.

In addition, there were problems gaining access to the property.

“Lots of people can get in and out of their properties with their pickup trucks, their vehicles, their cars but they don’t think about the overhead canopy of their trees and whether or not large fire apparatus can get to the property.”

Hollander said they managed to get through to the fire, noting the fire trucks got significantly scratched up in the process.

The chief said the fire is under investigation as there is no clear understanding of how it started.

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