Cariboo oasis

A warm fireplace and soft leather chairs welcome you. Restorative hot tea calms you, and the soothing smell of essential oils sets your body and mind at ease.

  • Jan. 18, 2011 8:00 a.m.
Kandis Arno

Kandis Arno

A warm fireplace and soft leather chairs welcome you. Restorative hot tea calms you, and the soothing smell of essential oils sets your body and mind at ease.

Gentle, healing hands embrace you, as warm ointments are applied to your skin, and soothing massage heals your body. Ahhh the luxurious life of the spa-goer. Those looking to indulge themselves in a fresh spa experience can now do so at Attitude South’s new complete spa care facility!

 Stepping in to Attitude South’s newly renovated spa space feels like you’ve completely left the mall – the calm and serenity instantly envelope you.

From the entrance in the hair salon, a separate facility welcomes you with private rooms, walnut flooring and funky décor. Within, all your services can be met – waxing, manicures and nail work, facials, massage, pedicures (with Shiatsu massage chair) and a tea and skin care product room. Kandis Arno and Katie Blair are the spa specialists, welcoming clients Monday to Saturday and open late Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Arno and Blair share most of the aesthetic duties but specialize in their own areas. Arno has eight years of related experience and is a Level 3 pediologist who has studied diabetic care. She is fully certified catering to people with diabetes who require more upkeep. Aside from the aesthetics and skin care, Arno loves working on nails.

“She is our nail queen,” Blair said.

And indeed Arno was flashing beautifully painted nails, very intricately designed, but said that pedicures are her favourite.

Co-worker Blair, recently of TreSpa, has ten years of related experience, but specializes in sports massage, reflexology and boasts a masters in Reiki. Reiki, which is a popular Japanese treatment, is healing the body using energy.

Another of Blair’s treatments includes hot stone massage. This incorporates hot rocks on pressure points along the body to increase circulation.

“It’s good for arthritis and fibromyalgia,” Blair said.

The placements of the warm rocks relieves stress, helps with alignment and stimulates different regions of the body.  

One aspect of the spa the estheticians wanted to emphasize are the facials. They are a luxurious treatment, with an in-depth massage and skin care assessment. Facials increase circulation, allowing cells to regenerate and also promote stress release.

Combined with the Silk Road products, a line from Victoria that is 100 per cent organic and natural, facials are designed to

be good for the entire body.

And, as a bonus, Blair treated this reporter to one of their feature facials – which I can assure you, was relaxing beyond belief. I recommend anyone looking to improve their skin care or just for an indulgence to try it out.

Attitude South now carries a large selection of the Silk Road Skin Care products, as well as their Organic Loose-leaf Teas.

Blair said of the teas “they are really good quality. And drinking green tea while on a good facial care regime boosts health.”

The spa is striving to promote itself as a whole wellness center. Spa services with tea to complement, they are working towards using all natural products within the spa.

One way they are

already implementing this focus is there are no chemicals used in nail applications.

“It’s so much safer,” Arno said.

“I feel safe using it on my seven-year-old daughter.”     

Attitude South’s new Spa is welcoming new and former clients.

Arno and Blair encourage everyone to come in and take a look.

They also encourage clients to come in 15 minutes early to sit by the fireplace, enjoy a complimentary tea

before their service and unwind.