A landslide occurred behind Carson Elementary School on Sunday, April 11, 2021. (Carson Elementary School PAC Facebook photo)

A landslide occurred behind Carson Elementary School on Sunday, April 11, 2021. (Carson Elementary School PAC Facebook photo)

Carson Elementary School added to School District 28 list of building replacements

Safety plan to be implemented after landslide

Carson Elementary School continues to be regularly monitored after what School District 28 describes as an unforeseen catastrophic landslide earlier this past spring.

A geotechnical report was recently released to the Board of Education, concluding a large portion of the K-7 school is safe, but the facility is not viable long-term where it is currently situated.

It also indicated the school is too close to the bank, and if another slide was to occur the foundation of the building could be damaged.

“Obviously, safety is a number one concern of the Board of Education and School District 28,” said secretary-treasurer Jennifer Woollends at a regular meeting Wednesday, Oct. 20.

“This is an unfortunate event that was unforeseen and has caused irrevocable changes to Carson and our main objective is the safety of staff and students, and with this emergency funding, we can ensure that while we work on a long-term solution for this site.”

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Fencing was installed after the landslide behind the school on Sunday, April 11 forced the closure of its playground.

The district has secured $1.1 million in emergency funding to implement a safety plan that includes the installation of four portables by March 1, 2022, before spring thaw occurs.

Spring is the time of year to be concerned about land movement, according to the geotechnical engineering firm from Prince George that conducted a detailed investigation of the site during the month of July.

Major capital funding totalling $24 million to replace the school will be sought from B.C.’s Ministry of Education.

The portables will replace the classroom block closest to the bank that will be sealed off to staff and students.

“We will work to communicate regularly with the staff, the students, parents and community as we work through this process,” Woollends said.

“We anticipate that the emergency plan and funding that piece of it will happen quickly.”

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