The CRD is looking into putting streetlights on Maple Drive. Kosti Keistinen/Pixabay photo

The CRD is looking into putting streetlights on Maple Drive. Kosti Keistinen/Pixabay photo

CRD to go ahead with feasibility study for Maple Drive street lights

A woman was hit by a car and died in the area in January

The CRD has approved a street-lighting feasibility study for the Maple Drive Corridor, where a 32-year-old woman was killed in a vehicle-pedestrian collision near Kube Road in January.

It will take a long process to get streetlights in the area, says CRD Area A Director Mary Sjostrom. First, CRD staff will work with BC Hydro to establish the possible cost of the project, including the installation fees and then the smaller, monthly or yearly cost of running the lights themselves. They will also communicate with local partners, like West Fraser, the RCMP, ICBC, etc. From there, the CRD will need to see if they have the support of the residents, of approximately 130 to 135 different homes along the route.

Sjostrom says since the Johnston Bridge no longer allows for transport trucks, the corridor sees approximately 100 transport truck movements every day, going in and out of the mill. “This is quite a busy corridor,” says Sjostrom. “It’s a Class A Highway, not just a street.”

Along the corridor, she adds, are two schools and a daycare centre.

Sjostrom says if the streetlights are approved, at the end of the feasibility study, they would go from the top of Maple Drive, near Maple Park Mall, all the way down to Plywood Hill Road, near the Rona.

“Certainly, the safety is number one,” says Sjostrom.

“We’ve had one fatality — we don’t want to have another.”

Sjostom says anyone looking for more information on the feasibility study is welcome to contact her at

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