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Era of Megafires – what people need to know

Dr. Hessburg of Pacific Northwest Research Station to present on rise in severe wildfires

The Cariboo Chilcotin Beetle Action Coalition is pleased to bring Dr. Paul Hessburg with his Era of Megafires presentation to the Quesnel & District Seniors’ Centre on March 8.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the presentation begins at 7.

Era of Megafires is a 90-minute live presentation featuring Hessburg, a research landscape ecologist with Pacific Northwest (PNW) Research Station.

In this live presentation, he explains that over the past decade, the number of large, severe wildfires has been on the rise.

These megafires are wildfires that burn more than 100,000 acres, he says, adding they can destroy or severely damage human communities, wildlife habitat, and natural resources.

This special presentation conveys the conditions that lead to megafires and how they might be managed or mitigated.

“A future without wildfire isn’t an option. So, what kind of future do we want for our forests? “The goal of this project is to share a vocabulary and increase the understanding and ability of ordinary citizens so they can enter into local discussions and planning for a more certain future for public forest lands.”

Since June 2016, this presentation has reached 86 cities and towns and more than 25,000 citizens.

There is also an Era of Megafires presentation on with over 850,000 views:

For more information and updates, visit the Era of Megafires website: