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Good clean fun in sudsy Quesnel sun

WFT Park was awash in the annual Foam Fun Run

This family event got washed in the extra suds cycle. Kids were foaming at the mouth to get into the action, and the blue blazer weather could not have been taylored any better for the annual Foam Fun Run.

Hundreds of people bubbled up at West Fraser Timber Park to enjoy the suds spread around the obstacle course. If aliens landed right at that moment, the message to the mother ship would be clear: E.T. foam home.

Tickets to this North Cariboo Christian School fundraiser range in price from $50 for adults down to $15 for smaller kids, with plenty of discounts and levels to make it affordable for most. There were start-offs at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. on June 3, with an ample time limit easily allowing participants to cycle through the obstacle course over and over again. There were culverts to slither through, an army-crawl area in the sand, a 35-foot bouncy castle runway, a slip-n-slide down the grassy hill, a dangly-bouncy-ball obstacle zone, and other soap stops. There were also features like a concession, prizes, swag, T-shirts, an more

“You can go through as many times as you want, or if you like a favourite obstacle you can go through that one as many times as you like, try different ones, just go where you like,” said one of the main organizers, Maria Englund.

This was the sixth edition of the Foam Fun Run, back now after the pandemic closures.

“It was Dennis and Rebekah Harding who created this event for Quesnel,” said Englund, referring to past residents of the area who are now living elsewhere in B.C., but their legacy is still slipping and sliding through the Cariboo summer. “They donated the first foam machines and originated the idea, and it just built up from there.”

The peak registration numbers were 300 people in 2018, which organizers were not expecting this rebounding year, but with 150 early-bird registrations, and many more expected at the starting line, it was a success even before the first group soaped up on Saturday morning.

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