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Kids and cops get into friendly tussels

Quesnel’s RCMP Kids’ Camp got started again after pandemic layoff

The RCMP is one of the most prevalent protective forces in our daily lives, in northern B.C. It is to the Mounties we so often turn for help, and the Mounties who attend for situations both benign and catastrophic. It is a unique relationship.

When you interface with the public in such complex ways, a positive relationship is helpful. That’s one of the motivations behind the annual RCMP Kids’ Camp. It was on pandemic hiatus for a couple of years, but came back to Quesnel over the August 12-13 weekend.

Kids are invited to partake in games, finger printing, dodge ball, and tug-of-wars which include RCMP members. A lunch was also served. The final tug-of-war was the members against the kids, with youth prevailing over uniforms.

At the end of the day each participant was handed a participant certificate and a congratulatory hand shake from their team’s RCMP leader and the main on-site organizer Sgt. Isaak. Who knows? Maybe some of these youngsters will feel inspired to look into a career in the frontline first responder professions, starting with some weekend fun with some local men and women in uniform.

Thirty-seven children participated and 10 RCMP members.

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