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LETTER Quesnel’s steam shovel decision damages reputation

Letter writer worries about choice to keep artifact from Likely
The steam shovel (sans shovel appendage) acquired by the City of Quesnel in 1986, moved from the Likely bullion pit where it had worked in the early 20th century. (Frank Peebles photo - Quesnel Cariboo Observer)


Re: The cancellation of the agreement between Quesnel and Likely regarding the moving of the steam shovel from Quesnel to Likely.

My thoughts after watching the special council meeting on May 16, 2023:

I am surprised that mayor Paull and council have taken it upon themselves to cancel this agreement made in good faith with Likely - an agreement that had been decided on by this same council after consultation with the public over the last year. Will the mayor and council give us an exact cost of what this cancellation will cost the taxpayer financially and what the cost is to our reputation in dealing with other municipalities?

The mayor’s last statement was interesting in that he said that any agreement Quesnel council makes with regard to issues like this do not have to be honoured. My question would be how can any business or organization plan any projects here with this attitude?

And my last thought about this issue is about question period where the public can ask the mayor and councillors questions about their decisions. I thought members of the public could only ask questions at this time, so why was the gentleman from the public gallery allowed to make a speech instead of asking a question? Could it be because the gentleman was agreeing with mayor Paull about keeping the mayor’s beloved steam shovel in Quesnel?

Gertie Garreau