Michael Stobart. (Photo submitted)

Michael Stobart. (Photo submitted)

MEET THE CANDIDATE: City council candidate Michael Stobart

Michael Stobart answers questions posed by the Quesnel Observer

1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

2. What part of Quesnel’s Official Community Plan do you care about most and want to see action on?

3. What solutions or ways forward do you see to address concerns around crime, affordable housing, transportation infrastructure and homelessness in our community?

4. What do you think needs to be done to attract and retain professionals such as health care providers in our community?

5. What are a few fun facts about yourself?

My name is Michael Stobart and I’m not a suit and tie kind of guy, but I will be spending the next few weeks applying for the “job” of a City Council member.

Yes, I said it!

“I feel that elected officials are supposed to work for us, not the other way around.”

In a perfect world those who represent our interests should have different skill sets that when combined cover every aspect of the challenges we face.

I have the training, experience, and knowledge custom tailored to helping our community start to address socioeconomic issues stemming from the opioid crisis and homelessness here in Quesnel.

I have spent years driving around in my truck at night watching, and learning. In all honesty, there are many strategies that could be used to ease the problems we face, but it’s not in our city mandate.

With that being said, perhaps it’s time to redefine what’s “in our nature”. This simple action might help us attract and retain professionals.

I also believe we need to re-examine our “Official Community Plan” to ensure it represents the vision our community has for itself.

In my spare time I love hanging out with my wife and kids.

For fun, I drive around at night cleaning needles and paraphernalia out of our parks and schools. Along the way, I get to deter the potential for crimes to take place.

If you want a strong voice for community policing, vote for me. I believe we have the ability to help ourselves.

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