Troy Schonke. (Photo submitted)

Troy Schonke. (Photo submitted)

MEET THE CANDIDATE: City council candidate Troy Schonke

Troy Schonke answers questions posed by the Quesnel Observer

1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

2. What part of Quesnel’s Official Community Plan do you care about most and want to see action on?

3. What solutions or ways forward do you see to address concerns around crime, affordable housing, transportation infrastructure and homelessness in our community?

4. What do you think needs to be done to attract and retain professionals such as health care providers in our community?

5. What are a few fun facts about yourself?

Greetings fellow citizens of Quesnel, my name is Troy Howard Schonke, and I am running for city council.

I would like to thank not only the Observer for publishing this brief introduction, but you, the reader, as well for taking the time to actively participate in this great experiment we call democracy.

Over the past few years, I have come to realize not only how young democracy is in light of world history, but also how fragile it is, especially in regards to the freedoms it provides those of us blessed enough to live within an authentic form of it.

Now I was asked to provide a picture of myself and told I had a limit of 300 words to address five specific points by the editor, but as I find myself over one hundred words in, I realize how futile it is.

I can’t give a decent explanation of why I have even thrown my name into the fray, let alone give you much of an impression of my values, nor the honesty and integrity by which I conduct myself, or even the importance I see in the average, everyday residents involvement in the political system. However, I can tell you that not only was I born and raised in Quesnel, I am also raising my own children here, so I truly have a stake in this town. And, even though I’m just a trucker/tradesman and new to the political realm, I know I can be an asset to the people of Quesnel in terms of representing their true concerns, especially those of us who value our families’ safety, who know precisely what it’s like to break our backs making a living and who value every dollar earned/spent.

I need a political apprenticeship, and only you, the good people of Quesnel can give it to me. If you put me to work, I won’t let you down.

Thank you.

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