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MEET THE CANDIDATE: City mayoral candidate Brian Waters

Brian Waters answers questions posed by the Quesnel Observer
Brian Waters is one of four candidates running for mayor of Quesnel. (Rebecca Dyok photo — Quesnel Observer)

1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

2. What part of Quesnel’s Official Community Plan do you care about most and want to see action on?

3. What solutions or ways forward do you see to address concerns around crime, affordable housing, transportation infrastructure and homelessness in our community?

4. What do you think needs to be done to attract and retain professionals such as health care providers in our community?

5. What are a few fun facts about yourself?

I’m the blacksheep of society presenting change in physical form. I collected the CERB payment, started saving the CERB payment, and logged onto eBay as well as Amazon and started ordering ceramic magnets, micro timers, a couple of Arduino kits for custom-made electronics and electromagnets, and started going shopping for used parts to create potential. I made this UFO as it is claimed for mankind to flourish, to uplift the spirits of all of man. I created these based on the now need when fossil fuel taps out.

The adjacent property beside Seasons House build a new shelter with an available detox treatment center within for even those wishing to stop smoking or any addictive substance and get the help we need. Temporarily move the current citizens from Seasons House to Grace Inn until the new facility is built and ready for business.

I’d like to see more industry brought to the community, industries such as NWE or New World Energy. I’d like to see my very own technology mass-produced in a factory built in this community for the community.

The City of Quesnel executes the building of water wagon wheels (tourist attraction) on both the Fraser and the Quesnel rivers, selling access power back to BC Hydro. The lump sum BC Hydro pays the community each and every month can and will reduce land tax.

When citizens have money to buy their needs, the less chance of crimes committed.

I’d like to see the current garbage dump converted into a recycle plant built in Quesnel selling products back to manufacturers such as tin, plastic and paper.

To attract and hold onto medical field professionals, a safer community is needed providing free electricity meeting the needs of the citizens and making the future stand out.

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