Ron Paull is one of four candidates running for mayor of Quesnel. (Photo submitted)

Ron Paull is one of four candidates running for mayor of Quesnel. (Photo submitted)

MEET THE CANDIDATE: City mayoral candidate Ron Paull

Ron Paull answers questions posed by the Quesnel Observer

1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

2. What part of Quesnel’s Official Community Plan do you care about most and want to see action on?

3. What solutions or ways forward do you see to address concerns around crime, affordable housing, transportation infrastructure and homelessness in our community?

4. What do you think needs to be done to attract and retain professionals such as health care providers in our community?

5. What are a few fun facts about yourself?

1. My family emigrated from England when I was five years old. Besides marrying my best friend Pat, coming to Canada was the best thing that ever happened to me. I enjoyed a happy and wholesome childhood on the family farm in Fort St. John, served a hitch in the RCAF, stopped in at Quesnel as a visitor in 1970, and never left. I sold ads for the Observer, started my 24-year career in management at City Hall in ‘73, then 24 years as publisher of local visitor guides, and now senior (lowest paid) councillor. I’m passionate for community service and can’t get enough of our North Cariboo outdoors, especially sledding and fishing.

2. Increasing densification is erasing our single-family residential zones. To appeal to residents, developers and newcomers we must offer a full range of densities. I don’t agree with the provincial government’s notion of taking zoning powers away from local governments. We’ve had enough of “Big Brother Government.”

3. This is by far the most difficult and challenging combination of issues not just for Q Town, but for all over. I don’t have all answers, but am anxious to LISTEN and LEARN from our community and other communities for “outside the box” ideas. It’s good to see new candidates with genuine interest and experience with these very important issues. My belief is that we must engage rather than enable in harm reduction. Together, we will get through this. The worst brings out the best in all of us.

4. We’ve done well in promoting Quesnel’s many positive attributes to attract and retain healthcare people at all levels. We’ve done so well, in fact, that other communities have followed our good example, so now we need to step up our game to stay ahead in promoting all we have to offer here. Our hospital’s new ER and ICU is a huge asset that will help attract and retain family doctors, nurses, specialists and healthcare workers at all levels. We need them. We love them.

5. I am a senior Rotary Club member who loves leading our annual Seniors’ Expedition to Barkerville even though I’m old enough to be a participant. I married Pat in our sister city of Shiraoi, Japan, and have undisputedly the largest collection (175 pieces and counting) of art, in a wide variety of mediums, depicting Barkerville’s historic and beloved church. And finally, I’ve got City Hall in my DNA!

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