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MEET THE CANDIDATE: School District 28 trustee candidate Ted Bosman

Ted Bosman answers questions posed by the Quesnel Observer
A photo of Ted Bosman who is seeking election as a school board trustee with School District 28 was unavailable. (File photo)

The Quesnel Observer asked all SD28 candidates the same four questions. They were limited to 300 words.

Donelly Clement declined to participate, while the remaining 12 candidates provided answers to these questions: A. Can you tell us a bit about yourself? B. What prompted you to run for school board? C. What do you feel are some of the challenges/concerns facing School District 28? D. How do you plan to address those challenges? E. What are a few fun facts about yourself?

A. I came to Quesnel in 2009 after retiring from what was known as the Boiler Branch of The BC Government to take a position with West Fraser. After retiring from West Fraser, I found myself unprepared for retirement and took a temporary position with XL foods a large slaughterhouse in Brooks Alberta which later became JBS. The temporary position lasted for two years and on the good wife’s advice we returned to Quesnel.

B. As a child I was dyslexic the education system did not know what to do with me. My slaughterhouse experience taught me a lot about integrating minorities with limited English language ability into a productive work force. This is what I would like to bring to school board. Being that English was not my first language gave me the experience of how to better deal with this situation

C. Work toward a better understanding how important our role is to the future of our society to integrate everyone into our culture. As a nation we compete with every other and it is to our advantage to rid ourselves of internal divisions.

D. I would like to make the Aboriginal assistances into remedial teacher and make them more productive. This gives our children experience of relating to Aboriginals as teachers and role models.

E. I have been married to my current wife for 28 years but have been divorced twice. I have also retired three times and need the challenge of being a School Trustee. Everything I’ve done in life appears to have been to prepare me for this position.

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