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Ministry seeking input on 10 road repair projects in the Cariboo Region

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is looking for feedback on highway repairs
The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is looking for public input on 10 road repair projects in the Cariboo. (Ministry Map)

The provincial government is seeking feedback from the public on solutions for 10 roads in the Cariboo region affected by flooding and landslides.

Feedback will go until March 31.

“During this phase of engagement, the ministry will provide an update regarding plans and processes for each of the 10 sites and will seek feedback regarding considerations important to the community,” a government news release notes.

The 10 sites are Quesnel-Hixon Road, Highway 97 at Cottonwood Hill, Blackwater Road at Kinkerbocker Road, Quesnel-Hydraulic Road, Kersley Dale Landing Road, Bastin Road at Bastin Hill, Durrell Road, Highway 97 at Cuisson Creed, Soda Creek MacAlister Road and Highway 20 at Hodgeson/Dog Creek Road.

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure has put out a discussion guide with backgrounds on each project.

For Quesnel-Hixon Road, a landslide in the spring of 2021 caused up to five metres of deformation, making a portion of the road impassable, and causing it’s closure. Residents have been using Highway 97 connections, and the ministry is working with Canada Post to ensure localized mail service.

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A historic slide at Cottonwood Hill on Highway 97 reappeared in 2020, with further dropping detected in 2021. The ministry is continuously monitoring the site just to the North of Quesnel. Temporary resurfacing was completed in fall of 2021.

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The Knickerbocker Slide on Blackwater Road also reappeared in 2020 and 2021. The site includes two separate slides causing damage to the road. The slide is still active.

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The closed Quesnel-Hydraulic road is a historic slide area, with activity dating back to 1978. Recent movement caused damage and the road to be closed. Further investigations, including drilling, were conducted in December of 2021.

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An active landslide at Bastin Hill, around 22 kms south of Quesnel has caused Bastion Road to be closed, and then opened to a single alternating lane of traffic. Work was completed on the road in January of 2022 to ensure safety and reliability through spring of 2022.

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Durrell Road, 14 kms south of Quesnel, remains closed after a 2021 landslide dropped the road 5 metres in places. Access has been maintained through Highway 97. Additional signage has been installed to improve traffic flow and safety.

Nine different slide areas were discovered on Kersley Dale Landing Road, around 20 km south of Quesnel. While the original road was closed, a temporary route was completed in December of 2021.

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Along Highway 97 at Cuisson Creek, landslides have been moving towards Highway 97 slowly over the past 30 years. Four slides are affecting a segment of the highway, with cracked pavement and surface damage needing to be repaired to keep the highway open and smooth.

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MacAlister Road at Soda Creek remains closed after a May 2020 landslide caused cracks and a road collapse. Access to Highway 97 has been maintained through alternative roads.

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Highway 20 at Hodgeson and Dog Creek Road in Williams Lake has been affected by an “enormous” historic slide. While roads remain open, the ministry is continuing investigations, including drilling in late 2021.

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Options presented for most of the sites include stabilization, repair or relocation and permanent alternative access.

“Results of the engagement will inform the ministry’s plans and priorities as long-term solutions are developed for these roads,” the news release reads.

The Ministry will also be reaching out to people who do not have internet access.

A virtual presentation on the 10 roads will be held on March 17. Residents can visit to participate.

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