Jorleen Russell is busy planning the 2nd cash mob

Jorleen Russell is busy planning the 2nd cash mob

Mob hits downtown business

Local business organizes a cash mob at Good 4 You And Planet 2.

Good 4 You And Planet 2 was mobbed – cash mobbed.

Through word of mouth, Jodi Ballinger organized this cash mob in an effort to support local business.

“The idea stemmed from an article that left me feeling inspired,” Ballinger said.

In the article, a man in Cleveland decides to “mob” a local hardware store and explains the idea is not to boycott corporate businesses, but rather to support businesses who are contributing to and are established in the community.

Ballinger began by sending out e-mails and asking people to pop into Good 4 You And Planet 2 and either spend money or even just to express appreciation to the business.

“We encouraged everyone to drop in and spend a minimum of $10 showing their appreciation and thanking them for what they do,” Ballinger said.

The intent of the cash mob is a way of getting more customers into the business and building a stronger clientele. 

“A cash mob is simply an invitation sent out via e-mail asking our friends and business acquaintances to show appreciation to a local business on a certain date, requesting they make a small purchase,” she explained.

Ballinger picked Good 4 You And Planet 2 to celebrate their one year anniversary and also because she feels  a responsibility to support local products.

“Supporting any store whose focus is on local, organic produce and meat is important to me,” she said. 

Ballinger stresses the importance of healthy eating and buying local and organic products, when possible.

“I care about my kids and their future and I can’t stress enough how important it is for our children to learn about healthy eating habits and making wise choices about foods we put on our plates,” she explained.

“Good 4 You And Planet 2 in particular supports many local organizations and food producers and is working hard to make organic, healthy food more accessible to people of all income levels.

“This was a chance to make sure they knew they had our support and do something kind and really fun.”

Ballinger had no doubt this event would be a success.

“The e-mail responses were overwhelming and people were enthusiastic about it,” she explained.

“This is one of the many reasons why I love the city of Quesnel, it really inspires me to see a community pull together and make things happen.”

And the best part is, she said it worked.

Ballinger was very pleased with the outcome of Quesnel’s very first cash mob.

“No denying, Quesnel’s first cash mob was a whopping success, they were overwhelmed with the kind comments and encouragement from their regular customers as well as many new customers,” she said.

“We saw more than 100 extra transactions go through our till,” Jorlene Russell, owner of Good 4 You and Planet 2, said.

“On a good Saturday, we have 30 to 50 transactions, so needless to say, the sales blew us away and our stock too.

“We have also gained some wonderful new customers.”

Cash mobs are believed to have originated in Buffalo, New York and have since spread to cities such as San Diego, Detroit and as close as Victoria.

Ballinger pointed out the need to celebrate local businesses.

“It’s a great reminder to people,” she said.

“If we don’t support our small businesses, we lose them.”