Model house helps with fire education in Quesnel

Quesnel's Fire Safety House can be brought to schools and events for education. (Karen Powell photo)
Firefighter and safety officer Kirby Booker helps kids learn the tip of testing a doorknob with the back of a hand. (Karen Powell photo)
Fire chief Ron Richert gets kids involved in the conversation about fire safety inside the Fire Safety House. (Karen Powell photo)

Quesnel Fire Department visited two schools in one day with the Fire Safety House.

On May 18, students in Grades 2 to 4 from Barlow Creek and Kersley Elementaries learned some very important “Do’s and Do Nots” from fire chief Ron Richert and fire inspector/safety officer Kirby Booker.

Several tips were passed on, good for kids and adults alike.

Make sure there are smoke detectors on each floor of your house, and change the batteries twice a year (when the time changes occur is a good rule of thumb).

Have an escape plan and practice this with your family.

Decide on a meeting place outside when you have evacuated your home.

If you are in a room with a closed door, and the smoke detector starts to beep, crawl over to the door and touch it with the back of your hand. If the door is hot, don’t open it. Escape through a window. If the door isn’t hot to touch, open it slowly. If you see smoke, close the door quickly and escape through a window.

These safety tips were practiced by the students, with the aid of the custom-built model house. The kids were given homework as well. The homework was to go home and discuss these safety tips with their families and practice them on a regular basis.

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