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Outlaw Cariboo weather report by Joey Only

Cariboo cultural icon Joey Only colourfully forecasts the week’s weather
Cariboo cultural icon Joey Only knows the land and studies the weather, with his own brand of wit, intelligence and humour. (Photo submitted)

This week’s weather report is here.

Howdy, I’m Joey Only…Cariboo weatherman and outlaw country singer-songwriter up in Northern BC.

Follow me for short docs on my wilderness adventures, weather reports, forest-fire fighting, storm chasing, wild animals, wing chun kung fu, history, and of course my radio show with the infamous YouTuber Frankie MacDonald.

So basically: whatever I’m interested in. If you like Canadiana, there’s something for you on this channel. This is the video blog of a real deal Canadian mountain man weirdo. You might find it fun.

If you live in the BC interior feel free to subscribe on Facebook to my Interior Weather & Wilderness Watchers group.