Phone scam solicits remote control of computer


RCMP are warning computer users about an anti-virus scam.

During the past week, several Quesnel residents have received phone calls involving fraudulent solicitation for anti-virus software.

Victims have received unsolicited calls from someone posing as a computer repair technician.

The caller then advises that the victim’s computer has been infected by a virus and then requests remote access to the computer. The caller tells the unsuspecting victim that they must take immediate action to resolve the problem. The caller walks the victim through a step by step process which allows the caller to gain control of the computer remotely – giving access to the victim’s files and personal information.

The caller demands credit card payment for the computer repair services payable to foreign accounts in amounts ranging from $35 to close to $500. RCMP are reminding the public to be extremely cautious of any service provider who calls and offers to upgrade anti-virus software remotely over the phone.

For information on how to recognize fraud before you become a victim,

If you are the victim of fraud, call RCMP, 250-992-9211 and the federal government’s Anti-Fraud Centre, 1-888-495-8501.