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Quesnel-area resident publishes first children’s book

Sherry Fraser shares enchanting poems on faeries
North Cariboo self described hedge witch Sherry Fraser has self-published her first children’s book “How The Faeries Dance.” (Rebecca Dyok photo)

Through her first children’s book, Sherry Fraser invites children and adults to learn more about the whimsical and magical world of faeries.

The self-described hedge witch from the Quesnel area recently released ‘How The Faeries Dance’, which features thirteen rhyming poems on faeries and the adventures of other enchanting creatures, including a unicorn, elf, leprechaun and baby dragon.

“They’re just so magical,” Fraser said of faeries.

“They’re just so wondrous to the mind, and I haven’t found any types of books with faeries, or even poems with faeries, for our today world. It’s always going back a long time ago, so now I try to put them in a more modern setting.”

Fraser has been a practicing hedge witch for over 30 years.

Hedge witchcraft involves the study of plants and the natural world, and those that identify themselves as hedge witches typically forge a magical view in everyday routines.

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For Fraser, it is through cooking and gardening.

Poems for her self-published 53-page book are complete with illustrations by Vancouver-based visual artist Julia Vasileva. The writing came to Fraser in sudden flashes of creativity she wrote down as fast as possible.

“The poems probably altogether took about two months,” she said.

Fraser was waiting at a doctor’s appointment when she wrote her personal favorite, “To Be A Faery Child.”

Fraser said writing the book was not nearly as difficult as finding an editor.

Eventually, she found one in Trail before self-publishing the collection of poems through FriesenPress, a self-publishing service provider.

Fraser lives with her husband outside of Quesnel on the Barkerville Highway with a cat, two dogs, and chickens.

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She said her mother was big on books and would read a lot to her as a child.

“You bet I’m excited to show it to them,” she said of her three grandchildren.

‘How The Faeries Dance’ is available at Books & Company in Quesnel, where Fraser will be hosting a book signing Saturday, Nov. 27.

Hardcover, paperback and digital editions are also available online through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

“I hope they get a smile,” Fraser said of anyone who reads the book, noting it would be a perfect addition for bedtime or the classroom.

“Everybody seems just to love faeries, and it doesn’t matter if they’re two or 82.”

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