The SPCA said the windows of their van were smashed, just so someone could steal “a few dollars” worth of cans. (BCSPCA Facebook)

The SPCA said the windows of their van were smashed, just so someone could steal “a few dollars” worth of cans. (BCSPCA Facebook)

Quesnel BCSPCA asks for public’s help to identify alleged can thieves

The group put out security camera screenshots of 2 suspects, sharing a photo of a smashed van window

The Quesnel SPCA is asking for the public’s help after cans they collected as a fundraiser were stolen in the past week.

The local organization took to Facebook to share security camera screenshots of a pair of people (one man and one woman) the SPCA says stole from them.

The thieves appear to have smashed through a van window to get at “a few dollars worth” of the refundable recyclables, with the post saying two people and a dark coloured 1999-2003 Ford F-150 have been seen on security camera multiple times in the past week.

“Bottle theft unfortunately has always been an issue, but it has escalated from a few small bags walking off here and there to literal pickup truck loads of bottles being taken,” the post reads. “Our fences have been cut, our gate damaged, pad locks cut off and shelter equipment stolen (weed-whacker, winter tires and more). Most recently the window of our van was smashed for a few dollars worth of cans.”

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After posting the photos for leads it appears the SPCA has been alerted to potential suspects.

“We’ve had multiple people come forward with the same two names and the info has been passed along to the RCMP,” a comment written by the SPCA reads. “Hopefully they are held accountable for their choices.”

The importance of the group’s bottle collecting fundraiser has been raised during the pandemic, with all other efforts banned during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are also always looking for volunteers to help us turn the cans into cash,” the post reads. “If you have some time to sort or are able to take a load in to the depot for us we would love the help.”

The SPCA added any can donations that are left after they have closed have disappeared, so donations should be made between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

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