This fire was leaping up to the top of a Hoy Street embankment, while the burning house was at the bottom. Quesnel firefighters had to take action from above and below to contain it from spreading. (Karen Powell photo)

Quesnel firefighters attack from above, below

Hoy Street blaze consumed small house near school

A house fire near Riverview Elementary School brought the Quesnel Fire Rescue Department racing to the scene, Tuesday afternoon.

The alarm was sounded just before 1 p.m. and brought firefighters to 388 Hoy Street. This address is just across the street from the school field, but the house in question was at the bottom of a long embankment, with access actually from an alley off of Elliott Street to the north of the structure.

Despite the physical separation, the flames from the structure soon climbed the bank and were headed for Hoy Street. Firefighters had to take action from both the bottom and the top, but thankfully had ample access at both locations.

Several other homes and small businesses were in the fire’s vicinity.

Updates will be provided when more information becomes known.