Bob Simpson says he will be seeking a third term as mayor of Quesnel. (Rebecca Dyok photo)

Bob Simpson says he will be seeking a third term as mayor of Quesnel. (Rebecca Dyok photo)

Quesnel mayor will seek re-election in 2022

Bob Simpson eyes third term

Expect to see Bob Simpson’s name on the ballot this October.

The mayor of Quesnel announced Wednesday, Jan. 12, his intent to seek a third term in the upcoming B.C. municipal elections.

Before the last municipal election, Simpson said he declared his intent was not to seek a third term.

“I have always planned to retire while my body will still allow me to enjoy more of all the activities I love to do. I also believed at the time that the city was on track to lock in all of our major initiatives over my second term as mayor,” he stated.

“Unfortunately, that has not proven to be the case, as many of our key initiatives have been delayed due to climate-related emergencies and the ongoing COVID pandemic.”

In particular, Simpson said they are still trying to lock in the North-South Interconnector project and working to obtain a Community Forest in partnership with four First Nations communities.

“Our Food Hub initiative has also had a slower than expected start and is just now on the cusp of a major expansion, and all of our social initiatives have taken on even more importance and must be accelerated in the coming years,” he added.

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“The work we’ve begun on reconciliation with First Nations is also vital to the future of all of the communities in the North Cariboo and it is, at its very core, relationship-based. It’s taken years to build the relationship between the Chiefs of these First Nations and the mayor’s office, and I believe it’s essential there is continuity in the position of the mayor in order to advance these relationships over the next four years.”

Successful rebranding of the city, undertaking an aggressive-based marketing initiative and making significant investments in new amenities and attractions, according to Simpson have created a new challenge for Quesnel: managing growth.

“Over the next term, council must shift gears from trying to stimulate growth to thoughtfully and proactively managing it so we can continue to build a truly sustainable community,” he continued.

“While I would, for purely personal reasons, still like to retire at the end of this term, I believe that the kind of leadership I have brought to the city and to council over the past seven-plus years is still required over the next term. For that reason, I will be putting my name on the ballot in the 2022 municipal election, giving the citizens of Quesnel the option to have me continue to serve Quesnel as its mayor for another term. “

Simpson was acclaimed in 2018 when no one ran against him.

He took up his first term as mayor of Quesnel in 2014 after defeating incumbent Mary Sjostrom.

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