Quesnel RCMP give tips on how to avoid property crime

Quesnel RCMP Sgt. Richard Weseen shares simple tips to remain vigilant

This crime prevention month, the Quesnel RCMP are asking the public to remain vigilant this crime prevention week.

Sgt. Richard Weseen said it can be frustrating when thieves take advantage of easy opportunities to commit crimes.

“My biggest pet peeve is people who leave their vehicles unlocked and then they are shocked to find their items stolen,” he said.

“Or seeing how many garage doors are left open and then their golf clubs are stolen. Or leaving their vehicle running at a grocery store and then their vehicle is stolen. All of these are examples of crime prevention. Are you truly a victim when you basically say ‘Please steal me?’”

Weseen said its hard to predict who can be a victim, but is reminding everyone to take small steps during their routine to help reduce opportunity to would-be thieves and vandals.

“Events such as smashed car windows, business windows, and slashed tires seem to be random events with no purpose,” he said in an email.

“However, when a car window is smashed to steal items from inside it, those events may be prevented by simply parking your car in a area with good lighting, remove all valuables or hide them out of view, and install a car alarm.”

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For businesses, Weseen suggested to install video cameras, bars on windows and bright lighting to discourage crime. He added expensive merchandise should be stored away from windows and doors.

“Homeowners can also protect their property with surveillance systems, secure locks, gates on rural properties, and having a dog (for those dog lovers),” he added.

The Quesnel RCMP detachment can be reached at 250-992-9211.

“Preventative measures are the first line of defence to avoid falling victim to property crimes,” Weseen said.

“Knowing your neighbourhood and reporting suspicious activity to the police, when the occurrence is happening, increases the chance of the police stopping crimes and catching the suspects in the commission of an offence.”

Weseen added the RCMP has a Victim Services Unit (VSU), which is available to all Quesnel-area residents, which can be reached by calling the local detachment.

“Part of VSU’s mandate is to lessen the impact of crime and trauma on victims and their families, and to assist in their recovery,” he said.

“They also assist to increase victim safety and help in reducing the risk of further victimization.”

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