Quesnel Ambassador Leadership Program candidate Samuel Agboji (QALP photo)

Quesnel’s aspiring ambassadors almost at achievement

July 6-7 is final push for the Quesnel Ambassador Leadership Program

The Quesnel Ambassador Leadership Program (QALP) is a personal and community development program open to local youth aged 15-18. After almost six months of showing their personal commitment to the learning and helping built into the annual affair, their time to shine is closing in.

“It has been the goal of the society to build a program rich in diversity and equality,” said QALP president Rose Scott. “Candidates participate in many workshops, local events, celebrations, and fundraisers. By the conclusion, candidates have gained confidence, resilience and knowledge of our community.”

This year’s candidates (alphabetically) and their sponsors are: Samuel Agboji – William Lacy Real Estate, Avery Cassidy – Wizards Garage, Jamie-Lynn Fedoruk – Craig’s Table, Alexi Howe – Hohmann Bros Contracting Ltd, Makenzie Konrad – West Quesnel Business Association, and Anna Simpson – O’Flynn Roofing Ltd.

“This year, our showcase and awards events are July 6 and 7 at 7 p.m. in the showroom at the Billy Barker Hotel & Casino,” said Scott. “At Showcase on July 6, six candidates will be performing speeches, providing multimedia presentations and answering impromptu questions. The next night, July 7, candidates will perform a group dance and answer an impromptu question. Then the 2022 ambassadors will say their farewells, and the 2023 ambassadors will be named.”

The 2022 ambassadors are Nevaeh Kueber and Jada Crossman.

Tickets to the two concluding events will be available at the door or from Bumble Bee Boutique.

Candidate Biographies

Samuel Agboji

Samuel was born in Ireland, and moved to Quesnel when he was eight. He enjoys artistry that includes drawing, writing stories, and creating video games. He enjoys putting in the effort to complete projects and refine his abilities. Samuel believes the Quesnel Ambassador Program has helped him improve his speaking ability, improve his creativity, and learn other skills to make the most of his life.

Avery Cassidy

Avery was happy to represent Quesnel ringette at the BC Winter Games that were held in 2023. Mentoring and playing ringette have been an important part of her life. She is grateful to her parents for always being her foundation. They have shown her commitment, love, and support continuously. She enjoys spending time with her family and her friends. Avery joined the Quesnel Ambassador Leadership Program to build her confidence and gain new experiences, friendships, and skills.

Jamie-Lynn Fedoruk

Jamie-Lynn has competed in softball, and track and field. She also enjoys photography, drawing, reading and travelling with family and friends. After graduation, Jamie-Lynn plans to achieve a Bachelor of Laboratory Science at UBC. Jamie-Lynn believes participating in the Quesnel Ambassador Leadership Program has been an amazing experience during which she has learned the art of speechcraft, self-confidence and has met a wonderful group of people.

Alexi Howe

Alexi has been playing hockey for a long time and is currently the only girl her age playing for Quesnel minor hockey, in the Under 18 mixed leagues. She hopes to attend art school and pursue character design in the future. Alexi values knowledge and creativity and holds herself to a high standard in her artwork and education. Though she sometimes struggles with anxiety, she believes she has learned how to cope, with the assistance of the Quesnel Ambassador Leadership Program.

Makenzie Konrad

Makenzie is a very happy-go-lucky person and loves to spend time with her family and friends. She makes the best of every situation. She feels very lucky to have joined this program. It has taught her a lot of things, like how to build her confidence, and how to give a speech. Makenzie is very thankful to everyone who’s helped throughout the Quesnel Ambassador Leadership Program and made her experience exceptional.

Anna Simpson

Anna has lived in Quesnel her whole life. She has recently completed Grade 10. She enjoys singing and writing. When Anna graduates, she plans to take a gap year before going to college. She wants to use the year to travel the world. Her top destinations are Santorini, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Nicaragua. Anna has enjoyed being part of the Quesnel Ambassador Leadership Program and making friends with all the candidates and the ambassadors.

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Quesnel Ambassador Leadership Program candidate Avery Cassidy (QALP photo)

Quesnel Ambassador Leadership Program candidate Jamie-Lynn Fedoruk (QALP photo)

Quesnel Ambassador Leadership Program candidate Alexi Howe (QALP photo)

Quesnel Ambassador Leadership Program candidate Makenzie Konrad (QALP photo)

Quesnel Ambassador Leadership Program candidate Anna Simpson (QALP photo)