Marie Nestel's pottery features the forest, as additional subtle touches. (Marguerite Hall photo)

Second nature: art pairing of Quesnel’s Nestel and Meidlinger

Two Quesnel artists worked together to create exhibition at QAG

Gallery director Marguerite Hall felt a joining of forces would work for two local artists. There was just something in their nature.

The latest exhibition at the Quesnel Art Gallery shows the joint forces of painter Sandy Meidlinger and potter Marie Nestel in the show they have titled Nurtured In Nature. More than 40 people came out to experience the grand opening, and now it is open to the public.

“Each year, artists from around the region submit a proposal for a show and from these proposals we select artists for seven shows (three shows each year are already set: school, community, Beaux Arts),” Hall said. “We felt strongly that we wanted to support these two local artists and once we reviewed the proposals, we contacted Marie and Sandy and asked them if they were willing to do a joint show. We couldn’t do eight shows, but we could do seven.”

Nestel and Meidlinger had some talks together, to see if there might be a basis for a team effort. It is a practice done frequently in the art world, but was it something that fit for them?

“After conversing, they recognized that nature is what inspires them, and the title of the show and the theme was born: Nurtured in Nature,” Hall said.

“Sandy paints in acrylics. Her work is bright and detailed, and her subject matter is the forests, lakes and meadows around Quesnel. Marie works in clay and she uses found objects such as spruce branches and twigs to make impressions in the clay, as well as glazes and techniques that reflect the natural world.”

The pairing is on display at the Quesnel Art Gallery until June 9 (hours are Tuesday-Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.) located at 500 North Star Road.

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Sandy Meidlinger draws on the great outdoors to inspire her paintings. (Marguerite Hall photo)